Albatross for Marcos. Muito obrigada!


Lotus + Brushstrokes with Stephanie. Thank you so much!

Buddha Eyes

Buddha Eyes for Jay. Thank you so much!

Chef’s Knife

Chef’s knife for Joe. Thank you so much, I had a blast!

Plum Blossoms

Healed shots of Rochelle’s tattoo. Amazing project, amazing person, so much fun! The honor was all mine.

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Bald Eagle

Fierce bald eagle for Jonathan. Thank you so much!

Sumi-e Bamboos

Bamboos in sumi-e style for Derrix. Thank you so much, I had a blast!

Balance and Wisdom

Every encounter is a treasure, every project is unique. This one with Nathan was precious in so many ways. I don’t usually work with existing tattoos; however, I really wanted to be part of this: not to cover up something from the past, but to show on skin how he has learned and evolved from his journey so far. Thank you so much for this amazing experience, Nathan!

California Desert

California desert piece for lovely Emily. Thank you so much!