Plum Blossoms

Healed shots of Rochelle’s tattoo. Amazing project, amazing person, so much fun! The honor was all mine.

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Balance and Wisdom

Every encounter is a treasure, every project is unique. This one with Nathan was precious in so many ways. I don’t usually work with existing tattoos; however, I really wanted to be part of this: not to cover up something from the past, but to show on skin how he has learned and evolved from his journey so far. Thank you so much for this amazing experience, Nathan!

California Desert

California desert piece for lovely Emily. Thank you so much!

Japanese + Farsi

Japanese calligraphy + Farsi composition for Nathan. Thank you so much, it was truly a honor to do this for you!

Hippo + Water lilies

The cutest hippopotamus + water lilies for Bethany. Thank you so much, it’s always so nice to see you!

Tattoo partially healed.

Hugin and Munin

Healed shot of Alex’s tattoo that we did 7 months ago. This was a very special project, with many layers of meaning. Thank you so much Alex, specially for making the trip back for these photos. It was good to see you and the tattoo again!


Blossoms for Michelle. Wishing you all the best in the new chapter of your life!

Lotus + Enso

Lotus and Enso for May. Thank you so much, I had a blast with you!

Eagle + Constellation

Complementing Margo’s existing tattoo with this eagle in brushwork style. Thank you so much!